Kitty van Delft Photography 

Kitty van Delft (1970) is a freelance photographer based in The Hague, graduated at the Royal Academy for Visual Arts in The Hague, direction Photography. She works as a professional photographer throughout the country, especially in the field of:

Travel photography
Theater photography

llustrative photography

Her clients include magazines, travel guides, theater companies and private clients. Her style is dynamic, social and photojournalistic. People have a central place in all her work and she creates without interfering pictures with a natural touch. Besides assignments for big companies, parties and celebrations Kitty van Delft is also trained to work as a studio photographer, and she uses this technique for portraits on location.

Her photography brought her at many places in the world. She stayed on a rubbish-dump and between Indian tribes in Brazil, portrayed mineworkers in Bolivia and slept between the camels in the Tsar dessert in India.

Wedding photography
Kitty van Delft has 30 weddings each year. She offers a photo shoot with or without photo book. Six hours wedding photography, on a USB stick starts at € 725,- Including a luxe photo book with 20 pages starts at €1175,-. The photo assignment is always in consultation with the client. If you would like to look at the costs for wedding photography and get a first impression of the different possibilities click here. The bride and groom are always the owners of all the photographed material. There won't be hidden costs. For a custom made offer, focused on your needs, please contact Kitty van Delft.


Photo assignment private or business
Contact Kitty van Delft for a custom made offer.

Kitty van Delft Photography
The Hague, The Netherlands